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Blue eyeshadow – Spring 2016 Make-up Trends

Blue to green eyeshadow

Spring 2016 make-up trends

What I noticed lately is that a lot of fashion houses are using blue, turqouise, greenish and green eyeshadow to create fresh looks on their models. The colours vary from deep ultramarine, sky blue, turqouise, green and sweet pastel green. The eyeshadow can be applied on the top eyelid, at the bottom, but we also see fun shapes, like cat-eye shaped blue eyeshadow. I think it’s a very versatile and refreshing trend. This trend has actually allready been relevant since 2013/2014 and it’s a throwback to over the top 80s eyeshadow trends.

A few examples:

Of my own magazine Beauty&Brains (2014 edition 1)

Electric Blue Cat eyes
Electric Blue Cat eyes


Kendall Jenner for Diane Furstenberg, img src:
Kendall Jenner for Diane Furstenberg, img src:×602/gettyimages-488135984_master.jpg


Me; blue eyeshadow
Me; blue eyeshadow on Instagram account: nataspichigen


Dior Spring 2016 from Peter Philips’s account , Creative and image director of Christian Dior make-up.
Dior Spring 2016 from Peter Philips’s account , Creative and image director of Christian Dior make-up.
Natasja (me) again, on Instagram-account nataspichigen


Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 img src
Marc Jacobs Spring 2016
img src


-Marc Jacobs Spring Look 2016



Day 6 Nagoya – Kimono, Atsuta Jingu, hot pot and dango

About Kimono, Atsuta Jingu and other Jingus and nabe (hot pot)

In Japan you can find Buddhist temples, called o’tera(お寺). And often, at the same terrain, you can find jinja (神社), or Shinto shrines. The three largest Shinto shrines of Japan are called jingu (神宮 ). Jingu are the most important Shinto shrines of Japan (What is Shinto? I will write a blog about that later on) and are connected to the Japanese Imperial Family. During this trip to Japan, I visited 3 of them, namely Meiji Jingu, Atsuta Jingu and Ise Jingu.

On day 6 of my trip, Azusa’s aunt dressed us up in kimono. I wore a pink one and Azusa wore a purple one. I am fond of the esthetics of kimono and I really liked those kimono. We wore spring kimono with a warm scarf. We also had kimono coats, but you can’t see them in the pictures. With the right hairdo, we were ready to go to Atsuta Jingu. This Shinto shrine is located in the same place where Azusa lives (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture).

Azusa’s sister and her children went along with us. We walked around in kimono and we took a lot of pictures.

Azusa and Natasja closeup kimono Atsuta Jingu
Azusa and Natasja closeup kimono Atsuta Jingu

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Japan 2016 – Tokyo 3 – Gira Gira at Shibuya

Gira Gira at Shibuya

Purikura, Shibuya 109, Liz Lisa bag and small faces
Azusa and me at a Purikura photo boot at Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)
Azusa and me at a Purikura photo boot at Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

I will write a short blog today. We did a lot of things today and one of them was going to Shibuya. Shibuya is known for its hip fashion stores and for the crossroads in which people from all corners start crossing the road when their traffic light turns green. And it’s really the place to be if you want to emerse yourself in some gira gira, or “sparkle” of Tokyo. For other things that we did today, check another blog (link will follow soon). After visiting Meiji Jingu, we met up with a friend of Azusa and he brought us to Shibuya for Purikura. He and Azusa spoke Japanese with eachother and he told me had a small head. Apparently, that’s a very good thing in Asia (although back home in Western Europe, I believe not a lot of people care about face size, including me). Beauty standards in different parts of the world are fascinating to me!

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Japan 2016 – Tokyo 2 – Akihabara, Harajuku and Teishoku

Tourist hotspots?

Today, me and my friend went to Akihabara and Shinjuku for a shopping spree. Shopping is a large part of Tokyo’s entertainment and of the “Tokyo Experience”, so it’s a pleasure, not even a guilty pleasure. Even if shopping is an activity that I only like in moderation, shopping in Tokyo can be an exciting experience.  After I woke up (which was a bit late due to the fact that I’m jetlagging like crazy -> is that a verb? No? Well then now it is ^^), we went on our way to the metro station. It was a very cold day today. Three layers of clothes and a coat still wouldn’t keep us warm.

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