Muse is a band that I really like. I like the combination of sounds that I often hear when listening to a Muse song. There usually are a lot of layers in their songs that cause their distinctive sound. If I had only one word to describe Muse with, it would be “epic”

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Short biography

Muse consists of three members: singer Matt Bellamy, bass guitar and backing vocalist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer and percussionist Dominic Howard. Since the early 90s they have been active. In 2001 their album Origin of Symmetry came out. It got very good critics, because it was a unusually original and catchy record. They had recorded all kinds of sounds to create music. Matt Bellamy showed that he had a very wide vocal range on songs like Bliss and New Born.






me playing New Born by Muse

On their third album Absolution Muse recorded a versatile record with lyrical songs and hard rock. One of my favourite songs is Hysteria. I also like the video, in which actor Justin Theroux stars in a story that is based on the hotel-trashing scene from the movie Pink Floyd – The Wall.

In other songs of this album, complete orchestras can be heard. Muse remains a band that combines melodic music with electronic.

Over the years, other albums by Muse came out. Like Black Holes and Revelations with the hit single Super Massive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia. In 2009, their album The Resistance came out and it was the first album they had produced by themselves. Uprising is a song of The Resistance that was inspired by the protests against the G20 (source: It embodies the yearning for being free and to be no longer controlled.

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Drones came out in 2014. This album contains the song Psycho, which contains very heavy, raw guitar riffs. I hope Muse will be making new albums in the future, because their music is always interesting and often contains deeper meaning.